"The start of a new adventure, for our hero Cassie in the region of Myouh, All new pokemon await our hero on her quest for recognision from the last adventure our heroes endured. Last time, Cassie took on the champion of Kalos and was defeated by Diantha, then our rival Marley took to the stage and defeated Diantha! Cassie's family then moved to the region of Myouh, to try again at the league, and to try and become, the pokemon master she has always dreamed of." The narrator explains, then the camera take's point of view from a Pawpy, it runs up the staircase into Cassie's room, and jumps on her bed, waking her up.  Later on, Cassie is up and is deciding which outfit to where to pick her first pokemon. The Myouh region has the collection of new pokemon with the nastalga of the veterans, it's an entire mix! Cassie sits on her bed and pushes back, so she lies on the bed on her back in relaxation. She turns to her left which is the wall, with a poster of the three starter pokemon she can pick from, Liltad, the grass starter, Embirt, the fire starter and Bubluff, the water starter. Then she turns to her right to a picture of Marley, she tears up a little.

"I wish I didn't have to move. I can't even congratulate you on your victory of the league..." Then she turns back to the starters. "On the other hand, I should be more positive, I mean I have a fresh start. Hmm, Which one should I pick. This is really tricky..." She asks herself, trying to depict which starter she should chose.

A voice from downstairs beckons up the stairs to Cassie. "Cassie honey! Time for breakfast dear!" 

Cassie walks down the staircase and lands in the kitchen. She sits down on the sofa in the adjoining lounge, and her mum passes her a sandwhich to eat.

"So are you feeling any better sweetie? You ?"